Manufacturing SOS Alliance will work with local manufacturers by accepting their initial donations and “growing” them by:

  • Soliciting governmental matching funds
  • Applying for grants
  • Soliciting organizational foundations

To be able to market manufacturing careers to the public by:

  • Investing directly in local high school tech ed programs by:
    • Paying for Tech Ed teacher skill enhancement.
    • Initial training
    • Ongoing “Educational Dividends”
    • Evaluating high school shop facilities and purchasing equipment to “rebuild” their dilapidated programs.
  • Facilitate additional industry to education partnerships such as:
    • Material donations
    • Shop supplies donations
    • Equipment donations
    • Process expertise

Resulting in:

Expanded enrollments in local technical college programs, thus creating an expanded pool of trained employees for hire.

Industry Financial Supporters, CVTC Representatives, and the Tech Ed teachers that completed the training

Jim Rathburn- Meeting the Mission / Manufacturing SOS Alliance

Wade Latz- Manufacturing SOS Alliance / Chippewa Valley Technical College

Mark Brooks- Riverside Machine and Engineering, Operations Manager / GM

Neil Jarosz- Chippewa Falls School District

Dustin Blum- Menomonie School District

Kenny Skar- Owner of Vincent Tool

Emily Fransway- Baldwin-Woodville School District

Cory Halvorson- Osseo-Fairchild School District

Dave Thompson- CVTC Machine Tool Department Program Director

Mike Laska- Eau Claire School District

Jeff Darley- WS Darley, Chief Operating officer and Executive Vice President 

Kelly Ingli- President, Oem Fabricators, Inc.

Not Present- Wissota Tool

“If you teach a man a skill, you get a worker. If you teach a trainer, you get a workforce!” -Wade Latz, Founder