Manufacturing SOS Alliance works to address the need for machinists and other manufacturing professionals in tomorrow’s workforce. This is done through a partnership between local businesses and the Mfg. SOS Alliance, allowing Manufacturing SOS the financial ability to market the manufacturing trades and invest in local school districts to improve their technical education programs. The success of this partnership will breathe life into an otherwise stagnant or non-existing high school technical education system, and reestablish these programs as the primary exposure and marketing outlets for manufacturing occupations.  The result will be enhanced enrollments at the technical college due to an interest being developed at the high school level by the high school teacher, and especially the high school student. This unprecedented exposure process has the potential to drastically improve exposure for manufacturing as a lifelong career.

MFG Sos Parts
Close up of a student at CVTC working with parts

Manufacturing SOS Staff

Wade Latz

President & Founder

Wade grew up in Jump River, WI, as one of 8 siblings and saw the values of hard work and entrepreneurial spirit from his father’s work as a logger and a farmer. Currently Wade is a Machine Tool Technics Instructor at CVTC, a leading technical college. He began teaching at CVTC in 1996, and has worked with over 750 students. Many were placed into life fulfilling jobs in the trades. His mentorship provided wonderful guidance over the years. He is closely connected with various manufacturing firms in the Chippewa Valley, through his teaching and work experience.  Wade has seen how the workforce is shrinking and that kids are missing opportunities to benefit from productive fulfilling careers. He Started MFG SOS to set the next generation of tradesman up for success.

Jim Rathburn

Director of Operations and Development

Jim is a Wisconsin native, and graduated from the University of Wisconsin. He has a J.D. from William Mitchell College of Law. He practiced law, and then moved into a successful career in business for a Fortune 500 company, gaining skills in all aspects of operating a successful organization. He has been involved in nonprofits his entire life. His family roots trace back to trades work and education, and he shares Wade’s passion for youth, education and strengthening our workforce.  One of his favorite quotes he lives by is from Winston Churchill “ We make a living by what we get. We make a life by what we give. “

“American manufacturing is on the cusp of a major resurgence and Wisconsin is positioned through education in a region that possesses the American work ethic, to lead the nation in this resurgence.  Exposure is the first step in growing our next generation of manufacturing leaders.”

Wade Latz

“If you teach a man a skill, you get a worker. If you teach a trainer, you get a workforce!” -Wade Latz, Founder